Placed: planted, arranged, settled.
 “…an arrangement of things is not just an aesthetic expression; it is a communicational act.” 

—Leonard Koren, “Arranging Things”

Placed is a gallery and curatorial platform rooted in the historic and intimate community of Livingston, Montana. ‘Placed’ refers to both the literal placement of art objects—the emotive, conceptual and visceral experience of curated exhibitions—and the cultural mesh created when people gather to experience artists’ work in an interactive environment. Placed invites our community to explore the systems of communication brought forth when concept, artistry, and function intersect. We feature artists local to Montana alongside a global roster, all of whose work emphasizes the value of the singular and the handmade in a world that insists upon the mass-produced. It is our intention to provide a space for art contemplation and appreciation in a region dedicated to its own history while in the middle of a period of significant growth and change. In addition to our brick and mortar space, Placed is a traveling exhibition series in collaboration with art institutions and sister galleries in and beyond Montana, in an effort to expand the ‘communicational act’ of contemporary art. All are welcome.

Visit us:

116 W Lewis St.
Livingston MT 59047



Placed is owned and operated by Coryander Friend, a production designer and contemporary art and design curator who lives in Livingston, Montana with her husband and daughter. Before laying roots in Montana in 2020, Friend lived and worked for 15 years in Los Angeles, California, where she founded and curated the boutique design fair, Parachute Market. Placed is her newest curatorial project in Montana, that brings a community based dialogue between the artists she represents and their future collectors.